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What’s included in a regular cleaning?

residential cleaning

All Areas
cropped-Yes-Yes-clean1.png All trash emptied/washing of trash cans
cropped-Yes-Yes-clean1.png Vacuum/sweep/mop all floors
cropped-Yes-Yes-clean1.png Wiping of all surfaces/lamps
cropped-Yes-Yes-clean1.png Moving and cleaning under all furniture
cropped-Yes-Yes-clean1.png Cleaning all vents
cropped-Yes-Yes-clean1.png Dusting and wiping all boarders/moldings
cropped-Yes-Yes-clean1.png Dusting/cleaning of mirrors/picture frames/artwork/



cropped-Yes-Yes-clean1.png Make bed and replace sheets if provided (Main room only)
cropped-Yes-Yes-clean1.png Mirrors wiped down and cleaned
cropped-Yes-Yes-clean1.png Wipe dressers, tables, and lamps
cropped-Yes-Yes-clean1.png Clean baseboards
cropped-Yes-Yes-clean1.png Dust and wipe all accessible surfaces


cropped-Yes-Yes-clean1.png Clean and sanitize counters and sinks
cropped-Yes-Yes-clean1.png Clean and disinfect tubs
cropped-Yes-Yes-clean1.png Clean and disinfect toilets
cropped-Yes-Yes-clean1.png Clean and disinfect showers
cropped-Yes-Yes-clean1.png Floors washed
cropped-Yes-Yes-clean1.png Change towels


cropped-Yes-Yes-clean1.png Disinfect and clean sink
cropped-Yes-Yes-clean1.png Clean windows over sink
cropped-Yes-Yes-clean1.png Disinfect and clean appliance exteriors
cropped-Yes-Yes-clean1.png Disinfect and clean inside microwave
cropped-Yes-Yes-clean1.png Disinfect and clean range top
cropped-Yes-Yes-clean1.png Disinfect and clean counters
cropped-Yes-Yes-clean1.png Disinfect and wipe cabinet doors
cropped-Yes-Yes-clean1.png Floors washed
cropped-Yes-Yes-clean1.png Load dishwasher


cropped-Yes-Yes-clean1.png Refrigerator inside
cropped-Yes-Yes-clean1.png Oven cleaning
cropped-Yes-Yes-clean1.png Windows in and out
cropped-Yes-Yes-clean1.png Wall washing
cropped-Yes-Yes-clean1.png Chandelier cleaning
cropped-Yes-Yes-clean1.png Household organization
cropped-Yes-Yes-clean1.png Post-remodel/Construction cleanings
cropped-Yes-Yes-clean1.png Vacancy/move in cleanings
cropped-Yes-Yes-clean1.png Not on the list? Just ask!


Commercial  cleaning

Office Cleaning
cropped-Yes-Yes-clean1.png Dust all room furniture
cropped-Yes-Yes-clean1.png Sanitize phone
cropped-Yes-Yes-clean1.png Vacuum and mop
cropped-Yes-Yes-clean1.png Garbage disposal


cropped-Yes-Yes-clean1.png Clean and disinfect sinks
cropped-Yes-Yes-clean1.png Wipe down all tables, counter tops, and chairs
cropped-Yes-Yes-clean1.png Exterior and interior of microwave and cabinets
cropped-Yes-Yes-clean1.png Vacuum and mop
cropped-Yes-Yes-clean1.png Garbage disposal


cropped-Yes-Yes-clean1.png Dust all room furniture
cropped-Yes-Yes-clean1.png Sanitize phones
cropped-Yes-Yes-clean1.png Vacuum and mop
cropped-Yes-Yes-clean1.png Garbage disposal


Rooms and hallways
cropped-Yes-Yes-clean1.png Cobweb removal
cropped-Yes-Yes-clean1.png Vacuum and mop
cropped-Yes-Yes-clean1.png Baseboards
cropped-Yes-Yes-clean1.png Windows / window sills
cropped-Yes-Yes-clean1.png Ceiling fans / light fixtures
cropped-Yes-Yes-clean1.png Garbage disposal


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